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Why Choose Landmark?

Benefits to Architect
  • Choose wide range of popular brands under one roof, thereby saving their valuable time.
  • Compare rates of different brands under one roof, which helps to choose the best quality at the best price.
  • Select A–Z products required from start to finish of the project to arrive at the actual cost of project during finalization of the blue print.
  • We supply materials from single source, coordination is easier and also valuable time is saved.
Benefits to Vendors
  • Need not pay any rentals for Outlets.
  • Need not pay any commission on Sales.
  • Need not extend any creidit facilities to Customers.
  • Get immediate Payment on Delivery of goods.
  • Display their complete range of products.
  • Sell their products without any effort and Marketing cost.
  • Get Bulk Orders from huge projects.
  • Avoid clash with the Retail Sale and Project Sale at their existing outlets.
Benefits to Builders
  • Handle turn-key projects
  • End product marketing
  • Save the major expenses of the builders' purchase department
  • Increase builder's profitability by plugging the pilferages
  • Satisfy customers of the builders by timely completion of their projects.
  • Save lot of money by plugging escalations.
  • Plug the cash crunch by using credit facilities extended by Landmaark.
  • 67 Direct Factory Outlets
  • Members of ABC Asociation

About Landmark

Landmaark is the one stop solution for building materials and interior needs. It is the first of its kind in India. The mall is spread across 60,000 sq. ft. over 5 floors and one lakh Sq. ft. dedicated parking area. Our product and service portfolio covers every link in the project value chain. Portfolio of products consists of an unrivalled range of quality products from major manufacturers at extremely competitive prices.

Landmark Construction Materials

Featured Brands at Landmaark

  • Sand
  • Stones
  • Bricks
  • Steel
  • Cement & Cement Products
  • Construction Chemicals
  • Cables & Conduit
  • Plumbing Materials
  • Sanitary & CP Fittings
  • Doors & Windows
  • Floor & Wall Tiles
  • Luminaries
  • UPS & Generators
  • Lifts & Elevators
  • Marbles & Granites
  • Gypsum and its Hardware
  • Hardware
  • Aluminum Composite Panels
  • Plywood & Glass
  • Veneers & Laminates
  • Wooden Flooring
  • Water Tanks & Septic Tanks
  • Panels & Electrical Fittings
  • Paints
  • Office & Home Furniture
  • Modular Kitchens
  • Shower Panels & Jacuzzi